Week 2 in Review
July 9, 2021
Week 4 in Review
July 25, 2021

Week 3 in Review

Oh, What A Night!

The campers are still talking about what some have called the greatest Junior Inter Talent Show in Matoaka history

On Wednesday night the entire camp was at the PAC (Performing Arts Center) for 25 acts from our 8–12-year-old rising stars. We heard Beethoven, an original song and score, a remake of Country Roads, and Rise Up. The 16s performed a reenactment of the dance they did when they were in Bunk 9. We also witnessed the creation of a new cheer written by two 8-year-olds! Really an amazing night!

College League

This week marked the last week of College League games and meets for the 2020 League. The girls are getting ready for the Sing on Saturday night, which has always been one of the most highly anticipated nights of the summer. Our artists have been working late nights to have the plaques ready for the plaque reveal on Saturday night! 

Stay tuned for photos!

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge

This week we hosted our dodgeball tournament where teams were formed by merging age groups (1 counselor, and two campers from each age group). It was a single elimination tournament with two games going on at the same time. Each team of course dressed in their own costumes and picked colors and team names. They also created special cheers for this epic afternoon event! Of course, a great time was had by all!

We’re Not Leaving!

Chants of “we’re not leaving, we’re not leaving” erupted in the Dining Hall at Lunch on Friday.

Where does the time go?!?! For those parents picking up their girls from camp, good luck! We are hearing rumblings down the bunk line that campers will be holding hands and standing across the road protesting any of their friends from leaving camp!

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