Week 3 in Review
July 16, 2021
Week 5 in Review
August 1, 2021

Week 4 in Review

A Historic Night

Two leagues. One Camp. That was the mantra for the First Session. Our girls competed on two College League teams with spirit, energy, and excitement every time they wore their team colors. The 2020 League concluded with The Sing, one of the most highly coveted nights of the summer. The girls did not disappoint. They sang with pride and passion as they belted out their cheer and alma mater. The night ended with the plaque reveal and the announcement of the College League winner. Win or lose, our teams cheer for the other teams. It’s that spirit of competition that we love about our girls. We may be on different teams, but we’re all part of the same family.

Departure Day

This weOur First Session ended on Monday. In many ways, this Departure Day felt different. Maybe it had to do with missing last summer, or missing camp friends for two years. Maybe it had to do with how much our campers needed this type of experience. All we know is, we loved every single second of our time together, and WE LIVE FOR THIS!

Color War

In 2012, Camp Matoaka created an event that would transform the Full Session experience. A 48-hour competition where the camp is split into two teams: Pink and Purple. If you’re on Pink you’re on Pink for life. If you’re on Purple you’re on Purple for life. This Color War see-sawed back and forth every few hours. Pink won the Beach Dig. Purple won the Chaos Course. Pink won the Principal Pursuit. Purple won the Tugs. Pink won the Soccer Games. Purple won the Rope Burn. Pink won the Relay. Back and forth. Back and forth we went until finally on Wednesday morning at 11:30am, Pink was announced the winner of the 2021 Color War. 

Pink jumps in the lake to celebrate their victory, and after rejoicing in the win, they invite Purple to join them in the lake. Two Teams. One Camp. We couldn’t be prouder of our girls and our Color War leaders who never lose sight of what’s really important…that win or lose, success is found in applying the best of yourself in everything you do.

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

We welcomed our Second Session campers on Wednesday afternoon. After our Pink and Purple themed dinner, we made our way to the PAC (Performing Arts Center) for our Counselor Show and Department Video followed by singing and dancing to Matoaka Rock and Oh What a Night! We ended the night with Kilk and Mookies, our version of Milk and Cookies. A great night was had by all!

Bunk 16 – 2020 Queens

After 4 weeks together making history, the entire camp was up before breakfast to say their goodbyes. This group has left an indelible mark on all of us. We wish them well, and look forward to having them return to One Great Place as counselors!

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