Week 2 in Review
July 9, 2021

Week 1 in Review

“Worth the wait” is what the kids have been chanting!

One week ago, we opened our gates to hundreds of girls who have been waiting to experience Matoaka Magic, and it’s back! 

Matoaka Days
Some things have changed like outdoor dining, but the spirit and energy coming from the girls has not. After three days of rotations with their bunks, we opened up regular programming with campers receiving individualized schedules and beginning General
Recs, which is very similar to recess at school. All of our activities are open for the girls to choose from. For now, during that time, we are separating the camp into two sections for the 8-12s and 13-16s so everyone has the same opportunity to experience all of our

Matoaka Nights
The Counselor Show, The Color Run, The Counselor Hunt, and College League Games have been incredible ways for us to end our days.

College League
You may have seen pictures of a police car and sea planes. That was part of our break to kick-off College League. This summer we have two leagues. The 2020 League will run for the First Session and the 2021 League will run for the entire summer. The girls
are divided up into four teams and play games against each other two to three times a week. What’s unique about Matoaka’s College League is that our oldest girls are the captains of the team, and our staff are their advisors.

We couldn’t be prouder of the 15s and 16s and the leadership role they have all taken teaching our younger campers our cheers and songs. Every age group has two principles they focus on during their weekly bunk meetings. Our 15s and 16s focus on community and they are showing campers and staff the true meaning of Matoaka Magic!

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