Staff Health Form

Online Health History and Physician's Examination Form

All staff is required to fill out the Online Health History Form and to submit a current Physician's Examination Form. Staff must complete a new Health History Form each year. The Physician's Examination Form must be signed by a licensed physician. You are required to have an examination by a licensed physician every two years. Therefore, if you have had an examination by a licensed physician since August 2018, you may use a copy of that examination.

Blank Health Form

Or, your doctor can use any form that they typically use for schools/work/sports, so long as it has a list of your current immunizations and states that you are healthy and fit enough for the position upon which you have been hired.

If you are international and coming through an agency (i.e., CCUSA, Camp America, Camp Leaders, Wild Packs),
you can submit the same form to us as you used for them.

The Online Health History Form and the Physician's Examination Form are due BY JUNE 1st!

Online Health History Form

All Staff (new and returning) must fill out the online Health History Form by June 1st.

Online Health History Form


*If you do not have your username and password handy, simply click on the 'Retrieve password' link.

Required Immunizations/Vaccinations
You must have had the following immunizations/vaccinations before arriving at Camp:
— Current Td or TDap (tetanus within 10 yrs)
— 2 MMR vaccines
— It's recommended that International Staff have a PPD vaccination within a year (for TB)

If you have any dietary restrictions (i.e., gluten free, dairy free, vegan or vegetarian), please email Leslie at
You will note any allergies on your health form, but for anything else, please let us know!

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