Staff Philosophy

counselor-clipboardCamp Matoaka strives to make significant contributions to the overall education of its campers. Rather than duplicate the functions and role of the school programs, Matoaka will focus on specific areas of expertise best conducted and executed in our camp setting. Our concentration will be in the four following areas:

Social and Personal Growth

Camp Matoaka endeavors to develop exemplary programs that promote social and personal growth related to self-esteem, clarifying values, communication, self-responsibility, internal focus of control (efficacy), goal-setting, problem-solving and managing time.


counselor-hugs-camperIn activities of a competitive nature, a spirit of friendly competition is emphasized rather than winning, so campers of all abilities can participate freely. In every team or individual sport and in every activity, we stress effort, improvement, and achievement through staff encouragement, expert instruction and weekly rewards for accomplishment. Along with our individually scheduled five instructional periods per day, each camper has two elective periods daily, during which time she may participate in the activity where her special interests lie and receive semi- private instruction.

Adventure and Challenge

Camp Matoaka encourages adventuresome and challenging activities that involve campers and counselors in meaningful experiences that promote the integration of physical and cognitive skills to solve outside challenges while regarding the safety of all participating. Keeping in mind the limits and constraints of age, size and individual physical development.

Environmental Ethics and Ecological Life-styling

Camp Matoaka practices personal behavior that maintains or improves the quality of our physical environment. The direct relationship between our camp community and our natural environment is an everyday part of camp life.