Staff FAQs

Where is Camp Matoaka? Camp Matoaka is situated in Smithfield, Maine approximately 200 miles north of Boston. The campus is on East Lake, the head lake in the Belgrade Lake region. We are a 3 hour drive north from Boston and approximately an hour and twenty minute drive from Portland. Where do most Matoaka campers come from? Our campers come to us from more than 20 states and five different countries. We try our best to ensure campers have an opportunity to meet as many girls from other areas as possible. Certain geographic areas are more represented than others, since most of our campers hear about Matoaka from friendships with current families and alumnae. Our largest groups of campers come from the Greater Boston area, South Florida, and the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). We also have a large number of girls from Maryland, Pennsylvannia, Illinois, and California. What about time off and free time? We know to be an effective counselor, you need to take time for yourself. Specifically, you receive one period off per day, and rest hour off unless you are scheduled to be on duty. Every counselor is given six days off for the summer, as well as one day off during orientation, for a total of seven days off. Dress and personal appearance? Matoaka is not a uniform camp, however we do require all staff to purchase a minimum amount of staff clothing. Staff members are required to wear uniforms on certain days: the day the campers arrive, visiting day, photo day, and for any travel assignments. Counselors are permitted to wear clothing that is appropriate for the activity they are teaching. Staff are expected to be role models and set a proper example. Excessive tattoos and body piercing are not permitted. What are the living arrangements? Most female staff live with the campers in the cabins. The cabins are spacious and modern. All cabins are equipped with electricity, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and full bathroom facilities. Each bed has 4 drawers built into the base for clothing; there is also ample space for hanging clothes within the bunk. How is the food? It doesn’t get any better. We have spent a considerable amount of time perfecting our menus to make them fun and nutritious. We have fruit, salad, sandwich, and a hot pasta bar as an alternative available at lunch and dinner. Most of our staff leave with a few extra pounds due to the excellent meals and the abundance of them. What if I get sick at camp? A Health Care Manager and three Nurses staff the camp infirmary. The infirmary offers a comprehensive health care service to all staff. The infirmary can administer all common over-the-counter medications and there is no charge for this service. A physician visits camp daily. If any staff member needs to see the doctor, an appointment can be scheduled. There is a nominal fee for the initial consultation. This can be deducted from your final paycheck. Camp sounds great, but really how much work is it? Camp life is very demanding. Our responsibility to our campers is 24 hours a day. If you are interested in joining our staff, please consider all the information carefully. Contact us via telephone or email and we will get in touch with you right away about the availability of a position and arrange a telephone conference about the possibilities of being a counselor at Matoaka. Where can I go on my day off? Maine is called the “Vacation State.” There is plenty to see and do on days off. Here are a few favorite places that are always popular with Matoaka counselors: Freeport: The outlet shopping capital of the world, with everything from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Timberland, Gap and Banana Republic to the world famous L.L. Bean. Only 1 hour drive from camp. Portland: Maine’s largest city, it is a combination of malls, bars, great water front restaurants all mixed up with a lot of character and atmosphere. Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park: A favorite with counselors for many years. The town of Bar Harbor is located within Acadia National Park. It has great seafood restaurants and shops. Or spend a day in Acadia, either walking, Mountain biking, kayaking or climbing. The Kennebec River: For the adventurer inside us, why not try white water rafting, a great way to spend a day off. Don’t forget we are only 4 hours from Quebec, 5 hours from Vermont and 3 1/2 hours from Boston.