Parent Resources

Partner (definition): One that is united or associated with another or others in an activity or a sphere of common interest, especially:
  1. A member of a business partnership.
  2. A spouse.
  3. Either of two persons dancing together.
  4. One of a pair or team in a sport or game, such as tennis or bridge
  5. The staff at your daughter’s summer camp
As we Partner together we wanted to provide you, our parents, with a range of resources and tools we find valuable. As always if you have any books or other recommendations you would like to share please let us know so we can pass on that information to the entire camp community. The definitive resource for parents considering camp. CAMP Magazine Annual publication packed with tips for parents. American Camp Association – New England A community of camp professionals who, for more than one hundred years, have joined together to share knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality of camp programs. Michael Thompson Author of fabulous books and expert on children and families. Wendy Mogul The best advice for raising resilient, self-confident, and respectful children. Dan Kindlon Author of numerous scientific journal articles and three books including the 1999 NY Times bestselling Raising Cain Jean Twenge Author of ‘Generation ME’