World Games

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Right now in London, the world is watching as Olympians are representing their home countries and competing for medals in a variety of athletic events. Yesterday, something very similar was happening at Camp Matoaka, as everyone competed in the World Games as part of the College League competition.

Each camper signed up to compete in one activity that they excel in, and they earned points for their respective College League teams. For example, we had water-skiiers from each team and age group competing to see who could cross the most wakes. Meanwhile, across the camp, we had competitors playing “Icy Tower” in the computer lab, trying to earn the highest score. Not too far away, there were tennis matches, and arts and crafts competitions as well. Nearly every department on camp participated in some way. The girls were all decked out in their team colors, and cheered each other on in the Games.

Whether you’re competing for your country in the Olympics, or your College League team in Camp Matoaka’s World Games, it’s a great feeling at the end of the day knowing that you gave it your all while displaying sportsmanship and character.

Earlier in the day, it was busy here with brothers and sisters visiting each other at various camps. We had girls travel to Camp Takajo, Camp Cobbosse, and Camp Cedar to visit with their brothers and cousins. We also had over 25 brothers and cousins travel here from Camp Manitou to spend rest hour with the girls at the pool.

Last night, we all gathered in the Council Ring for our weekly campfire. This week’s theme was “Under the Sea” and it was a fun night! Our campers were dressed as fish and other sea creatures. The girls dressed as clown fish, jelly fish, fish and chips, and the Finding Nemo characters were particularly clever with their costumes. Some girls prefer East Pond to the ocean, so they re-imagined the theme as being “Under the Lake” instead!

Chad announced the results of the World Games, and it was an across the board sweep! The Sienna Sharks placed first in each of the age divisions! Overall, it was a fantastic day at One Great Place!

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