Work Hard and Play Hard

Posted June 21, 2013 • Share: The campers will be here before we know it! The staff have been hard at work in their bunks and departments getting everything ready for the campers’ arrival on Sunday! But it’s not all work, we find time to play as well! For example, just the other day we held a big College League meet! The four staff teams faced off in a giant relay race across camp that we call the Apache Relay. Everyone dressed up in their team colors and had a blast while running, canoeing, mountain biking, eating jello and commando crawling! There was a passing shower during the event that did not deter anyone, in fact it only made everyone MORE ENERGETIC! Then we held some Greek Game events like tug of war, leap frog and a tire relay. We were soaked to the skin but continued smiling! It wasn’t just for fun, it was a fantastic learning experience for all of our new staff members as we will hold these events again during our summer with the campers. Another summer tradition that new staff got to experience for the first time was our Sunday night Campfire! The theme was “Circus” and we saw some of the most original costumes this camp has ever seen! There were clowns, acrobats, elephants, gypsies and even an “animal rights activist”. Our Ringleader, Jason Kauffin, led us all in our favorite Campfire songs and games! We also found time to finish building our new Tennis Pavillion, unpack hundreds of boxes of department supplies, make welcome posters and participate in fun, yet informative, training sessions. Just yesterday we welcomed the lovely ladies from “True To Life” training to Matoaka. This travelling improvisational role-playing group sets up situations for our counselors to participate in. The staff works hands-on with the trainers and develop skills in conflict resolution, decision making and more!  Year after year this group leaves a positive impact on our staff, and we are always thrilled to host them! Despite how much fun we’re having here at camp, it never feels complete until we have our campers here! The staff of 2013 is ready! We’re waiting for you!

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