Winter Wonderland!

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It’s hard to believe that we’re at the midway point of Summer 2012. Yesterday was the final day of first session, and it was a busy one!  We embraced all of the elements, as we faced some rain, sun, AND even snow!

We started off the day with an extended clean up, to make sure everyone was packed and ready to go! There was a bit of rain, so rather than following normal activities, we played an exciting game called “Headquarters”! Every bunk had a list of funny tasks, and had to send representatives to their team judge who would award points for completing these tasks. It was hilarious to see campers dressed in ridiculous costumes, counselors rolling in mud puddles, and everyone performing skits. Bunk 14A was victorious and earned the most points in the game!

After lunch, we had two normal periods of activities, before we were called to dinner for a special themed event. When everyone entered the Dining Hall they were welcomed by snowflakes, cheerful holiday music, and lights! It was a Winter Wonderland! Everyone dressed the part well and embraced the holiday spirit!

Then we all gathered in the Performing Arts Center for a night of “Matoaka Movies”! Our incredible Media Team put together a fantastic presentation for us, summing up the first session in a series of video clips and slideshows. Everyone laughed, smiled, and cheered as they saw themselves and their best friends up on screen. It was amazing to see how much we’ve accomplished in three short weeks.

The night continued with an indoor Campfire, where we sang songs, and counselors gave out awards to outstanding campers. Then the time-honored tradition of our fifteen year old “Queens” crowned the out-going fourteen year olds. It was a powerful moment as you could feel the excitement in the air. When the crown touched their heads, the girls jumped, squealed, and hugged the girl who crowned her.

Through all the weather conditions we faced yesterday, one thing was consistent, the Matoaka Magic we all felt as we said goodbye to the First Session of Summer 2012.

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