What It Means To Be A Counselor

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Here at Camp Matoaka we have a lot of special traditions. By far, the most revered is our weekly Friday Night Service. Fridays nights are a calmer, more serene evening at camp, and everyone wears white clothing to dinner to signify unification. After we eat, we relocate to the Council Ring, where a senior bunk delivers inspirational speeches on various camp themes.

Last night, the Office Staff led the Service inside the gymnasium, due to inclement weather. Our head counselor, Camilla wrote a fantastic poem about the night’s theme of “What It Means to be a Counselor”.  We wanted to share the poem with you

I'm settled I’m my bunk, soon the campers arrive
Ill start with abundant stamina, and hope I’ll survive.
A role model, sister, Mum, I will be
7 short weeks to do the best at these things.
My first time at camp, who knows what I’ll see,
I’ve heard some amazing stories; I’m excited as can be.
The energy is fierce, volume turned high
320 girls here, some who will cry.
Can I be strong, the best counselor I can be?
For I’ve never done this before and it’s foreign to me.
The weeks roll by, a bubble we’re in,
But I’ve built great friendships and memories to keep.
The end draws close and I’m sad to say bye, but I know in 10 months I can have another try.
I leave with knowing I’ve been a great friend, guided, helped with homesickness and making their bed.
Some days were hard and so tired I was, but we are all human, and I did my best.
Over the years I watched them grow but it’s not just them who had a go,
I tried new things I never thought I’d do, multitasked like crazy and pushed my boundaries too.
Being a counselor I think I took light-hearted, for I never really expected what it would do.
It creates special bonds, friendship and fun
It gives you the ability to achieve what you want
It allows you to be there, care and be true, While sometimes just saying hi is all you have to do.
At this time you may be feeling overwhelmed, it ok, I still do too.
But within a short time it will all come true, that this amazing summer will always stay with you.
Just put in your all, be the best you can be, take each day as it comes and soon you will see.



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