“We’ll weather the weather!”

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Whether the weather be fine

Or whether the weather be not,

Whether the weather be cold

Or whether the weather be hot,

We'll weather the weather

Whatever the weather,

Whether we like it or not.


Summer Camp requires often requires quick thinking to adjust for inclement weather. During the past few days Maine we’ve faced every possible weather condition that Maine could throw at us. We weathered the weather, both good and bad, with smiles on our faces!


Our annual Independence Day carnival was postponed from Friday to Monday. But there was no disappointment, because the whole camp gathered to play our favorite Rainy Day Game, Headquarters! Campers and counselors raced against each other to complete a list of zany requests. Later that night, Bunk 14A led our weekly Friday Night Services discussing the theme of friendship and it’s importance to summer camp.


Saturday was another rainy day, but that just meant MORE FUN! In the morning the camp played another favorite game, Dutch Auction, then travelled off-camp in the afternoon to go bowling! Everyone returned to camp afterwards for dinner, then had a series of social activities with Camp Manitou that evening. Our 8s and 9s had a smores campfire across the cove from Matoaka. Our 10 year olds hosted the Manitou boys here for a pool party, while the 11s went over to Manitou for a play date of their own. The older campers had socials, with the 14s-15s at Manitou and the 12s-13s here.


On Sunday we held the first College League meet of the summer, the Scavenger Hunt! The sun was out and so was the team spirit! Campers were decked out in their team colors and raced to be the team to find everything on their Captain’s list first! The spirit continued that evening with our weekly Campfire! It was a Disney themed night complete with music and costumes. Campers came dressed as princesses, Miley Cyrus, and Finding Nemo characters. Everyone sang songs, played games and each department handed out awards to recognize campers who stood out in their activities this week.


Then this morning there were a series of intercamp athletic events. Our U15 soccer team played at Laurel, the U13 softball team played at Vega, while our U10 basketball team hosted games here. Stay tuned to our Bunk 1 page for a full recap!


This afternoon, Mother Nature decided to cooperate and finally let us celebrate July 4th (on July 7th). It was a picture perfect day that was worth the wait! We held an adorable parade on the bunkline and then the campers had a fantastic time playing on the inflatable games and bounce houses, sinking the Mean Machine in the dunk tank, eating fun foods and posing in our photo booth!


So “Whether the weather be fine, Or whether the weather be not…” nothing can stop the Matoaka Magic!

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