Week In Review!

Posted August 10, 2015 • Share: The Summer might be winding down but we've been very busy here at One Great Place!  The girls have been singing their hearts out in preparation for College League Sing, happening this Wednesday night. This week bunk 14 headed to Camp Pine Tree, which is around the corner from Matoaka, to offer some community service. Camp Pine Tree is a special needs camp for children and adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities. The girls spent part of the day helping to create and decorate Camp Pine Tree’s Pirate Theme Banquet for the week with their camper and staff. Our girls absolutely raved about their experience and have asked to go back next summer every week! Bunk 15 spent the day in Freeport and enjoyed shopping and a movie!  They really enjoyed spending quality time together, it was a great day! Once they arrived back at camp, around 10:00 pm, they were welcomed by the 14's and their "Raid". Raid is something that's given as a gift from the 14's to the 15's. It's similar to a mini banquet, the Bunk 14'ers completely decorate the Queen bunk with old pictures, new crowns, and a bunch of other mementos. The theme for this year's Raid was "Outer Space". Our final Friday Night Service of the Summer was held by bunk 15.This night was very emotional as the Queens reflected on their journey at camp. Sunday we had the World Games, our final athletic competition of College League. Each camper signs up for their favorite activity and participates in a series of challenges. It was a fun and close race:
1st: Monroe Monkeys, 2nd: Paine Piranhas, 3rd: Baltimore Bandits, 4th: Mason Monsters
1st: Baltimore Bandits, Tied for 2nd: Paine Piranhas & Mason Monsters, 3rd: Monroe Monkeys
1st: Baltimore Bandits, 2nd: Monroe Monkeys, 3rd: Paine Piranhas, 4th: Mason Monsters Sunday's Campfire theme was "Blast from the Past", as always the girls got very creative!  The former campers, now counselors, all dressed up as campers. It was super cute!

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