Visiting Day!

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With the line of cars extending down Route 137 towards Waterville yesterday morning, the traffic in Smithfield and Oakland resembled a big city during rush hour. These cars traveled from all over the country to spend a day with the most important people in the world to them- their children!

Visiting Day is a magical day at Camp Matoaka. Campers get to proudly take their parents around Matoaka and show off all that they’ve learned and accomplished. These precious few hours are jam-packed with activities for campers and their loved ones. It’s also the great opportunity for parents to meet the counselors who have been looking after their children for the past 3 weeks.

It was the epitome of the perfect summer day; the sun was bright, and warmer than usual. This made our waterslides and water trampoline the most popular spots on camp! There were also many families checking out the archery range and ropes course. The arts and crafts building looked like a museum with all campers’ artwork on display. It was beautiful to see a young girl beaming with joy as she shows her parents what she’s accomplished!

There were also a series of exhibitions over the course of the day. The gymnastics department put on a show for the families, including a special routine by our new cheerleading team. The dance show featured routines from all the different styles we offer; ballet, hip hop, jazz, and more. There were also horseback riding exhibitions and excerpts from our last musical, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Parents were able to finally see exactly what their daughters have been writing home about all summer long.

Everybody left camp that evening with a smile on their face carrying a little bit of that Matoaka Magic to the outside world, thus making the world a better place.

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