Trying New Things!

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One of the best things about Camp Matoaka is that we offer campers the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. Every day we have campers trying something for the first  time. It could be as simple as trying a new food, a new sport, or making a new friend.

Today, most of the camp set off on the adventure of a life time to Funtown Splashtown, an amusement park in Saco, ME. This trip serves as a great bonding experience for the campers. Bunkmates get to travel the park together, enjoying all the rides, and testing their limits. For many girls, this trip gives them the opportunity to ride a roller coaster for the first time, or brave the “Dragon’s Descent” free fall ride, or even something tamer, like the pirate ship ride or the swings! It was a fantastic day. The weather was perfect and there were smiles everywhere!

Back at One Great Place, about 50 campers stayed behind. It was a peaceful day for them. Having less people on camp allowed them to devote more time to their activities, or try something new. The campers here could play tennis, go water skiing, go boating, or play sports.  They seemed to have just as much fun as the girls who went to Funtown! This just proves that Matoaka offers just as much fun and thrills as any amusement park!

After dinner, the evening activity was a series of camper/counselor games! Campers could play tennis, softball, gaga, volleyball, or Matoaka Ball with their favorite counselors. It was a lot of fun seeing counselors from ordinarily indoor departments like Ceramics or Sewing running around and playing with the campers. The campers managed to win every single gaga game against the counselors! It was a great night, and hopefully something we’ll do more often!

Another first for many girls tonight were that many of our Bunk 15 campers chose to camp out at Matoaka Island tonight! Instead of playing games with the others, they boarded boats and were dropped off on the Island with sleeping bags, bug spray, and the ingredients for smores! We had a campfire set up for them, and they got to camp out under our A-frame for the night in what was easily a memorable night for all.

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