True Colors

Posted July 1, 2014 • Share: Camp Matoaka is known for it's colorful identity. The oldest building in our camp, the barn, is known for it's classic red paint that has remained the same since camp was founded. The intent was for our cabins to be painted the same color, but the paint was faded to a lovely shade of pink. Being a girls' camp, the color seemed appropriate and has remained ever since. These pink cabins are our signature feature and a special part of our history and identity.   The camp's colors were originally gray and maroon, but again, being a girls' camp, our colors were eventually changed to pink and purple.   Color on camp is very closely linked to our spirit and can be seen on a daily basis. Yesterday was the perfect example. On every Monday, we come to lunch dressed in our signature pink and purple colors. No one holds back, and the colors are simply explosive.   Yesterday, as everyone made their way to the Dining Hall for Matoaka Monday, dressed in their pink and purple there was a surprise Fire Drill! The camp responded perfectly and gathered on the tennis court by bunk. Then, everyone was stunned to see a sea plane fly overhead at a low altitude. From the plane's window sprinkled many small scraps of paper. There was a massive wave of pink and purple as all of the Matoaka Monday-dressed campers scampered off of the courts to grab a piece of paper with the secret message.   “College League 2014?!?!?! Follow your ears to find out!!”   The campers all dashed towards the lake front, following the sound of the plane's engine. Seconds later, POW! Firecrackers exploded up by the upper basketball court! So naturally, everyone turned around and rushed in that direction!   The pink and purple wave of flooded the dirt road up to the courts to find their 2014 Captains waiting for them atop the hill. They shrieked with excitement “Knit one! Pearl oaken! Hey everyone! College League has broken!” The camp responded with celebratory cheers! Woohoo!   Each Captain revealed the teams' names along with the ever-important team colors! These colors help unify and identify each team over the course of the summer. Campers love showing their team spirit and support by dressing up in their team colors when they compete, all summer long. The Jarvis Jaguars will roar fiercely in their turquoise and yellow. The Odessa Orcas will sparkle in black and baby blue. The Haywood Huskies will prowl in neon pink and royal blue. And, Corbin Coyotes will howl in their black and dark purple.   After all that excitement, the rest of the afternoon continued following a normal schedule. However, after dinner, each bunk gathered together to decorate and paint a plaque to commemorate their summer together. This plaque will hang in their cabin forever to represent their bunk being a part of Matoaka's rich history. Naturally, picking a theme and colors to represent their bunk this summer is very important for each bunk.   Whether wearing Matoaka's trademark pink and purple, their team's college league colors, or their bunk's theme colors, campers at Matoaka experience the power of color, identity and the power of a colorful legacy.          

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