Totally Trips!

Posted July 12, 2016 • Share: unnamed-1 Camp Matoaka has added yet another great department to the rotation! The Trips department consists of three counselors who spend their days exploring and scouting new and exciting locations in hopes of sending campers. They try out new hikes and determine which age level it is appropriate for, they explore new little seaside towns, fairs, and festivals as well. They combine all their findings from the week and create several day trips that are delegated to various ages. The 8’s, 9’s and 10’s recently went to Reid State Park and enjoyed a lovely, beautifully sunny day at the beach. The girls enjoyed their packed lunches which consisted of a variety of wraps, sandwiches, and snacks as they had a picnic-style meal right on the beach. The girls swam, played in the sand, and chased seagulls around. Once they got loaded onto the bus and before they got back to Camp, they stopped off at Gifford’s for some ice cream.  A Matoaka favorite! The 11’s hiked Mount Batty, in Camden, Maine. Mount Batty is a semi-challenging hike and requires perseverance and hard work. The girls achieved the ultimate goal of hiking to their destination as a group, and reaping the benefits of one of the most breathtaking views Maine, or the East Coast for that matter, has to offer. The girls reach a platform about 20 minutes south of the summit (the hike really picks up the intensity at this point, it’s a great spot to end), and from this platform you can see into downtown Camden, which looks like a tiny little blip of a dot on a map from way atop. On a clear day, you could see for miles. The girls then hiked down and enjoyed their lunch in a seaside park in Camden. The 12’s went down to Portland and did a little bit of walking around and window shopping before hopping onto a 2-hour harbor cruise that took them all over the waterfront of Portland, and around some smaller islands as well. The girls saw lobster traps, seals soaking in the sun, lighthouses, birds native to Maine, and the iconically beautiful Maine coastline. They ended the day with a pizza lunch at a beautiful park in Portland. The 13’s and 14’s went to Old Orchard Beach where they had the opportunity to swim in the refreshing waters of the Atlantic, cruise the boardwalk, play arcade games, go on amusement park-style rides, or just relax on the beach. Each bunk split up into groups of 3 – 5 girls and then a counselor was assigned to each. The girls ranted and raved about what a fantastic day they had! The 15’s ventured into the most popular seaside town in Maine… Bar Harbor! They walked around, shopped, ate at some delicious restaurants, and some simply just lounged in the park and watched the tide roll in. They enjoyed this relaxed get-away for almost 2 hours before they were on to their next stop, Timber Tina’s lumberjack adventure! The girls were a little thrown off upon arrival, and perhaps maybe even wondered why they were there. But shortly after, the girls found themselves on water rolling logs challenging their best friends, throwing axes at targets, sawing big logs with a two-lady saw, and watching the professional lumberjacks climb trees with steel gaffs on their shoes, and just watching in amazement at everything around them. We are all looking forward to our next trip days.


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