The Whoopies!

Posted August 9, 2013 • Share: The Grammy Awards acknowledge outstanding achievement in the music industry. The Tony Awards do the same for Broadway. The Academy Awards represent the best in motion pictures. What better way to recognize the best and brightest of Camp Matoaka than with our own award show?! We call it, the Whoopies! Last night the entire camp gathered up in the PAC for the last time of Summer 2013 for a special night of recognition. Hosted by the dynamic duo known as “Pocketberry” the Whoopie Awards was a fantastic event filled with camp spirit and honor. Each department presented their regular weekly Campfire Awards to the campers who showed spectacular progress this week. They also revealed their 2013 “Bum” plaques. A permanent reminder to remain in their department listing the 2013 campers who were most dedicated to their activity. Just like any good award show, there were fantastic performances interspersed between the award presentations. The night’s entertainment featured dance routines by the Mean Machine, Ex-Campers, Pocketberry, the Plancher Sisters and even the Spice Girls! After the awards we enjoyed a “Matoaka Movies” presentation. Our Video Department aired a news broadcast that summarized Second Session for everyone. Then our Photo Coordinator, Jason Kauffin, presented a slideshow of his best work this summer. Finally, our Video Coordinator, ECC, showed a video recapping all of Second Session. Everyone loved all three media presentations as it was a touching way to reminisce on how special Second Session was for everyone. To end the night with a touch of “Matoaka Magic” the staff gathered on-stage to lead the audience in our traditional songs “Oh What A Night” and “Matoaka Rock” with campers singing and dancing along in the aisles. Everyone loved dancing so much that they didn’t want it to stop, so the entire camp did the “Wobble” together.    

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