The Week Started Off With A Bang!

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The week started off  with a bang! Literally! Right around 6:00 am on Tuesday, all of Camp Matoaka was awoken to fireworks and all sorts of crazy for College League Break! The 4 captains were escorted in via a stretch Excursion limo. The girls were running around from the Tennis Pavilion and up and down the soccer field all in their jammies... it was a sight! The teams are as follows: Paine Piranhas, Monroe Monkeys, Baltimore Bandits,  Maison Monsters. The whole camp was then placed onto these four teams, and they were divided equally across all age groups.
The first round of College League games started Tuesday night as the camps evening activity.  Matoaka Ball, California Kickball, and Water Polo were just a few of the games that the girls played. Everyone was very much involved and very spirited! Good job, girls!
Wednesday morning was drizzly, but the girls powered through and did all the activities in the morning. As the afternoon went on it rained a little harder.  The girls were on rotations going from the PAC for a music jam session, to the Gym for dodge ball with the Mean Machine, and in bunk time for bonding and games.
Wednesday night the girls revealed their bunk plaques to the rest of camp on stage at the PAC.  Rock Star Camps played with them so they can sing their "bunk songs" to everyone.  They arrived early in the day and set up the PAC for a rock concert - lights, speakers, microphones, etc.  It really looked professional.  While they were setting up, the keyboard player and lead singer met with each bunk to rehearse the song they picked to perform at night.
When it was show time, we all filed into the PAC ready for some fun!  With a full band behind them, and lights flashing, each bunk performed their song for the rest of the camp.  They were popular songs and we all sang and danced along with the girls on stage.  It was AWESOME!!!!  It also gave the girls an opportunity to show off their bunk plaques.
Today is a gorgeous day.  In fact, it’s a perfect Maine Summer Day….warm, with a cool breeze.  Activities are in full swing and the girls are HAPPY!!!!!

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