The Start of Summer 2015

Posted June 29, 2015 • Share: What a great start to the Summer of 2015.  After much excitement from arrival day and the counselor talent show, the campers started rotations on Saturday. During rotations, the girls go around by bunk visiting as many different departments as they can. "Fake College League" started Saturday which is just a preview of what real college league will be like. The camp is split into 4 mock teams and compete against each other in the evening activity. Water polo, kickball, and soccer were  just a few of the sports that the girls participating in. During lunch the co-captains were announced, the energy was electric and the whole dining hall shook as the girls cheered. Jr Co's are Chloe Field, Nicole Baldwin, Devan Fauser, Zoe Gassner. Inter Co's are Courtney Kahn, Marley Buchwald, Darian Fauser, Chelsea Davis. Senior Co's are Amy Butler, Mikayla Comras, Falyn Goldstein, Sydney Schwartz. They are joining captains Ellie Moret, Maddie Gibbons, Julia Koffman, and Jordan Shoulberg. It was a bright, wonderful sunny day for the most part. But in true Maine fashion, the weather picked up around 5:00 pm and went from blue skies and warmth to windy and gray. The girls didn't seem to mind one bit, one of their favorite meals were served for dinner. Baked was a raging success! Sunday was a rainy day so the girls used this opportunity to unpack totally, get settled in, and bond within their bunks.  Activities such as board games, coloring books, and playing cards were provided to each bunk to occupy their time. The Mean Machine (our male staff) were all assigned to a bunk and spent the morning in the bunks with the campers and other counselors. Each Mean Machine got a lovely mani/pedi, and some were even lucky enough to score a total make-over, including eye shadow and tutu's! Due to the to the energy that the girls were able to save throughout the day from being inside, the Rec Hall turned into a concert venue at dinner time. The girls sang songs ranging from Hannah Montana to Neil Diamond. They sang and danced for almost a half hour, it was great! The theme of our first Campfire was "50 States", and the girls got VERY creative.  One bunk was "retired and in Florida" and all of the girls dressed as elderly men and women in was a sight!

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