The Sing!

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After seven weeks of games, meets, practices, and spirit- The 2012 College League season at Camp Matoaka is now a part of the history books.

Wednesday was a busy day with a lot of preparation for that evening’s Song Festival (or “The Sing” as we call it). After lunch there were practice sessions for campers, scheduled time to shower, time to get their hair French braided, and a chance to get their treasured team t-shirts. The excitement and energy was contagious, and everyone was eagerly anticipating the big event that night.

At the highly anticipated festival, each team performed three songs: a cheer, a remembrance, and an alma mater. The Cheers were loud, proud, and thrilling. Each team sang about their team pride, and the pep, zest, and determination each College League competition requires. The Remembrance is a beautiful and melodic song that serves as a letter of sorts, to the rest of the camp, recalling the ups and downs of the summer.  Finally, the Alma is a metaphor, where the team relates their summer experiences to something else. This year’s metaphors compared College League to bungee jumping, riding a bike, getting married, and enlisting into the military. This shows how important College League is to the girls if they’re equating the summer to such intense milestones. Also during the Alma, the team Captain recites a thank you letter to her team and the rest of the Matoaka family. It’s a very emotional event, and the perfect way to conclude the College League competition.

After the musical portion of the night was over it was time to announce the winners. While the judges gathered in the Conference Room to tally the results, the campers ate fudgesicles and gathered around the stage as the team’s plaques were revealed and admired.

When the results were ready the anticipation was palpable as everyone waited for the big announcements.

Song Festival 2012 Results

1.)    Siena Sharks and Spalding Sabers (tie)

2.)    Porter Pandas

3.)    Pierce Panthers

College League 2012 Results

1.)    Siena Sharks

2.)    Porter Pandas

3.)    Pierce Panthers

4.)    Spalding Sabers

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