The Magic Will Always Last

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The summer’s gone by way too fast, but the magic will always last.


The buses and vans are gone. The cabins are empty. The bunk line is silent. The boats are motionless. There are new plaques on the Rec Hall ceiling.


Where did Summer 2014 go!? It passed by in the blink of an eye, yet a lifetime of memories were created.


We ended the season in typical Matoaka fashion, with a few spectacular days of spirit and sentimentality.

Wednesday night we held our annual “Whoopie Awards” ceremony! This is a thrilling evening in the PAC where each department reveals their newly-painted plaques commemorating the summer. We are also treated to several dance performances and a big sing-along!

The next morning was particularly memorable. As usual, after breakfast the Queens led everyone in our favorite camp songs and cheers, but no one wanted to stop! The cheering was louder and more spirited than ever! At one point it switched from cheering, to a pop music singalong, then someone plugged in a speaker and it became a Dance party singalong!  There was a conga line of campers weaving through the breakfast tables singing along to High School Musical’s “We’re All In This Together!” It just goes to show that the most magical moments at camp can be completely random and unscheduled.


That night marked the summer’s most anticipated event. The Queens had been working all summer long on preparing a fantastic banquet for us, to mark the last night of camp. The theme was a closely-guarded secret right up until the moment everyone entered the Dining Hall and were transported to an African Safari! They were greeted by a menagerie of Queens in animal costumes dancing to a rockin’ jungle beat!


After a tasty dinner and a thrilling performance it was time for the award portion of the evening, Jason and Leslie recognized campers and staff with awards for their overall camp achievements. The most prestigious honor a Matoaka camper can receive is to be recognized on our Honor Roll plaque. This group of girls represents the ideal Matoaka camper. On a similar note, we announced our Distinguished Counselors of 2014, and they each received a commemorative plaque.


After the presentations, we gathered in the Council Ring to close our our Campfire season. We  sang some songs and passed down a few traditions from the outgoing Queens to the incoming Queens such as Campfire Counsel, Campfire Chief and more.


Then it was time for our Bunk 15 campers to pass their legacy down to next year’s incoming Queens. A beautiful crowning ceremony was held in front of the Queen cabin while much of the Matoaka family watched in support.


After that, everyone retreated to their cozy pink cabins for one last night at One Great Place. Office Staff and counselors travelled down the bunkline serenading each cabin with a favorite camp song. They huddled together by candlelight, singing songs and wishing each camper a good night.


This morning it was time to board the buses and head back home. We truly live “Ten Months for Two” and the countdown for Summer 2015 has officially begun! Because, WE LIVE FOR THIS!

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