The Greek Games!

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This week was our final Sunday at Camp Matoaka 2012, so that means it was our final College League Meet- The Greek Games!

The four teams met like gladiators on the soccer field. Each and every camper was dressed in all black, with their faces painted their team’s signature color. Red, orange, blue, and pink faces surrounded camp. It was a sight to see!

The four teams assembled on the field for the first event, Bash the Captain. Everyone encircled their captains who took turns blindfoldedly searching for their opponent with the jousting pillows while their teammates cheered them on wildly.

The teams also competed in the shoe race, tug of war, leap frog, and a series of relay races. Each player gave it their all, while their teammates shouted words of support.

Then it was time for part two, on the waterfront! There, the Captains and Co-Captains battled it out on a floating surface to see who could reign as “Queen of the Mat”. The teams’ counselor advisors also battled it out, wrestling a slippery watermelon from the dock to the shoreline. Finally, the Captains sat perched in a canoe with their teammates surrounding them, racing to see who could sink the canoe first, by splashing water into the canoe.

As you can imagine it was the epitome of what College League is all about. The spirit and energy spread through the camp, while everyone gave everything they had for their team. All while having the time of their lives!

Later that evening, we gathered inside for a Campfire. Everyone met in the Rec Hall, where activity awards were passed out. The night’s theme was “Decades” so everyone dressed in costumes to represent the theme. Some of the top costumes included: a growth chart, the “Year  3000”, the 1980s, and many representing Matoaka over the years. At the conclusion of the Campfire, Chad announced the big winner of the Greek Games, the Porter Pandas! Second place was a tie between the Siena Sharks and the Pierce Panthers, with the Spalding Sabers finishing last.

With less than a week to go, the spirit and fun at Matoaka is at it’s peak! Everyone is relishing their final moments here, and are eager for the fun events that the rest of the week will bring!

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