The First Annual Whoopie Awards!

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It may as not be as prestigious or as well known as the Grammy’s, but here at Matoaka we have our very own awards ceremony- the Whoopies! For the first time in Camp Matoaka history, we gathered in the PAC for a gala presentation of Campfire awards, stunning production numbers, Matoaka Movies, and presentations of Bum Plaques.

The day was like any other with plenty of fun activities. Campers scrambled to reach goals they’d set for themselves over the summer. Girls wanted to take advantage of the last opportunities to catch the Pamper Pole, or to become a one-ski skier, or to shoot a bullseye. It was a busy day and everyone made the most of every moment they had; because at Matoaka, since camp is unfortunately coming to an end.

After dinner, everyone dressed in their best Matoaka clothing, while the staff dressed to impress. Each department took the stage to present weekly Campfire Awards to their outstanding campers, and to present their painted plaques featuring the names of their most dedicated campers, or “bums”. We may not have had a red carpet, but every camper certainly felt like a star as they hopped onstage to accept their awards.

And what’s an award show without performances? We had dance numbers from our counselors who were former campers and the Mean Machine, and two female counselors serenaded us with a beautiful vocal performance with guitar accompaniment. They sang the lyrics “You feel like home to me” which was hauntingly appropriate, since Matoaka does feel like home to all of us.

To close the night everyone was treated to two spectacular multimedia presentations. First we watched an intricate slideshow of photographs taken by our Photo guru, Jason Kauffin. This slide show featured over 200 photos, and every camper was shown at least once. It was set to music, and was a great way to reflect on the last three and a half weeks.  Next up was a video pieced together by our videographer savant Eric Coppa-Cross. This reflection allowed us to relive everything from Session including Color War, Funtown Splashtown, Aquaboggin, College League, as well as Campfires and Friday Night Services. It was a beautiful production perfectly capturing the essence of what Camp Matoaka is all about-Matoaka Magic.  

The Whoopies were a fantastic occasion, and we look forward to holding this event for many years to come.

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