The Bear-Necessities

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“Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife!”

Baloo the bear sings these words of wisdom in Disney’s classic “The Jungle Book”, and our campers belted them out last night on stage in our final musical of the summer. It’s the perfect way to summarize our camp experiences. Camp is the ideal place to just forget about your worries and cares, and find the joy in the simple things in life, like adventure, spirit, fun, and friendship.

We started off the day in normal activities, but by the time lunch rolled around the heat and humidity were intensifying. So during the afternoon, we held waterfront rotations instead of regular activities. Campers and staff splashed in the lake and the pool and cooled off considerably, while having a blast! The waterslides were going, the boats were out, and everyone was smiling as they embraced the little moments with their friends, and beat the heat on a beautiful summer day!

Earlier that morning, our horseback riders travelled to Camp Runoia for a competition! We had 3 first place finishes, 3 second place finishes, and 4 third place finishes. It was a huge success for everyone involved.

After lunch, the stifling heat and humidity necessitated a change of plans. We changed things up a bit, and held waterfront rotations in the afternoon. Campers had a chance to enjoy the lake and the waterslides for two hours before settling down with a Sing practice for College League.

Then, after dinner it was showtime! Everyone gathered in the P.A.C. for “The Jungle Book” and we were blown away. The talent and professionalism onstage was unheard of for a camp production. Everyone nailed their performances and there wasn’t a single line flub or misstep. The entire camp was transported to the jungle and followed Mowgli’s adventures of figuring out where he belongs. Our Owner/Director Jason Silberman stole the show with his cameo as King Louie. He sang a rousing solo of “I Wanna Be Like You” that had the crowd roaring with approval.

There wasn’t a single worry or strife at Matoaka yesterday! We had the “bear necessities” in our grasp!

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