That’s A Wrap!

Posted August 13, 2015 • Share: The last week of camp is always filled with a lot of excitement, cheers and tears. Tuesday night we held our ever so famous "Whoopie Awards" (it's Camp Matoaka's version of The Emmy's). Each department presents a painted plaque with a list of names that represent  the "bums" of that department.  A "bum" is a camper who frequently visits a department of camp. For example, if a camper  is always down at waterski they are considered a Ski Bum!  The girls set goals to become a bum by the end of the summer in their favorite department.  It's a very rewarding night!  The night ends with a very special treat,  a Golden Whoopie Pie of course! Last night was SING! One of the most exciting and iconic nights each Matoaka Summer.  All 325 girls walk into the Rec Hall completely silently, hair braided and wearing their College League Sing shirts. Each team performs their Cheer, Remembrance, and Alma songs in front of the whole camp and judges. All teams did an amazing job! The final Sing results: 1st - Maison Monsters, 2nd - Paine Piranhas, 3rd - Baltimore Bandit, and 4th - Monroe Monkeys College League 2015 Results 1st place - Paine Piranhas 2nd place - Baltimore Bandits 3rd place - Maison Monsters 4th place - Monroe Monkeys Congratulations to all of the teams!

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