Teamwork is Key!

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Yesterday we enjoyed another fantastic day on East Lake, helping our staff connect with each other and focusing on teamwork. Building trust with one another, and establishing a united staff is essential for each summer.

During the afternoon, the staff gathered together beneath the trees on our acclaimed Ropes Course. There was no climbing or belaying involved, we focused solely on the lower elements. Teams worked together to complete a series of tasks that were designed to make everyone work

At one station, they balanced on a log, and had to reorganize their order without touching the ground. At another, they had to rope swing across an invisible “pit”, while the entire team perilously balances on a wooden platform. In another, the team had to work together to maneuver a large, awkwardly A-shaped wooden structure through a maze, using only ropes.

It was interesting to see all the unique personalities in action. It was also fascinating to see how the team voiced their opinions as individuals while working together as a team to solve a problem.

Later that evening, the entire staff got dressed up in fun 1980s-themed outfits, and boarded the classic yellow buses towards “Sparetime Recreation” for some bowling. This was another way of getting to know each other, and working together, while having a lot of fun. Bowling was only part of the adventure, there were also staff members dancing near the lanes, and singing karaoke!

The feeling amongst the staff this year is that everyone works together wonderfully. Thanks to these creative activities the administrative team organizes for the staff, everyone is working together beautifully, and are united, and completely ready for the campers’ arrival!

The anticipation for the campers’ arrival is growing each and every day…one week from tomorrow, another chapter in our Matoaka history will begin…Summer 2012…”We’re waiting for you!!!!!!!”


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