Posted July 3, 2013 • Share: It was a very busy Matoaka Monday here at camp yesterday. We had our first inter-camp athletic competitions of the summer. Teamwork is an important element in camp life, prevalent all day long. Campers learn teamwork while cleaning their bunks, sharing a meal and during activities such as Ropes or Waterski. Yesterday's intercamp games were a huge success! Our Under-10 basketball played host to Camp Vega and Camp Laurel, and our girls went undefeated! They played three games and came out victorious in all of them! It was a fun day for everyone involved! The weather was perfect and the new gazebo and bleachers set up at our basketball court were a great addition! Our Under-13 Softball game at Camp Vega was just as successful, with our girls beating both other camps. While our Under 15- Soccer game at Camp Laurel was our only defeat of the day, it was still a fantastic set of games against the other two camps. We lost to both Vega and Laurel with a score of 2-6. There were four fantastic goals scored by the Matoaka girls though! Win or loss, what we are MOST proud of is the fact that when our Program Director spoke to Directors of Vega and Laurel both had nothing but wonderful things to say about our girls’ teamwork, spirit and manners. Back at camp, we had a normal Matoaka Monday with a spirited pink and purple lunch as well as a day of normal activities. All around camp you could see girls working together as they sailed boats, made crafts, played games and learned new skills.
That evening we held our Senior Talent Show! It was a fun and ridiculously silly night with our oldest campers dancing, singing and having a blast onstage to entertain the rest of camp. Our talent ranged from bunk dance routines, lip synch sketches and even some musical performances.  The teamwork and creativity to put these acts together was astonishing.

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