#TBT – Throwback Thursday – First Day of Camp in the Late ’50s

Posted December 12, 2013 • Share: #TBT - Throwback Thursday - First Day of Camp in the Late 1950s  These days, campers at Matoaka travel from far and wide to come to camp.  This summer, we have campers coming from 25 states and 10 different countries.  It's a truly amazing experience for our girls....to come together at One Great Place....Summer Sisters united  by adventure, spirit, friendship and fun!  The beauty of the Matoaka Magic is that it doesn't matter where we come from or where we go home to.....we are one big family. On Arrival Day, campers come to Matoaka from all directions and by various modes of transportation.  In the early days of Matoaka, believe it or not, campers arrived by train from Boston.  So, on this Throwback Thursday, we're "throwing it back" to the late 1950s.  Check out this picture....of a Matoaka girl, standing in front of the train on her way to camp. Throwback - Family to camp by train

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