Posted June 27, 2013 • Share: You never know what adventures are waiting around the corner for you at Camp Matoaka. Every day is unique and sometimes thrilling surprises can catch you off guard. It may be something small, like an unexpected gift from a counselor or friend, or it could be something big, like College League breaking! Yesterday there were many surprises that caught our campers and staff off guard making the day particularly memorable for everyone! It started off like any normal day, with flag raising and a delicious breakfast. Everyone cleaned their bunks and visited their first period activity. It was a fantastic morning! Then, after lunch, our Assistant Director Wendy told the camp about a HUGE secret! Baby Chase and his Mom, Leslie, were coming home! Everyone worked hard to make them a welcome home banner and some cards and small gifts. So, everyone had to be real quiet and sneak up to the gym. Wendy invited the Silbermans to the gym to give them a present “from the office” and when they pulled back the curtain…SURPRISE! The WHOLE camp was in there with the banner and cards. It was a fun welcome home to everyone! It was a very sweet moment. Jason even brought baby Chase into the gym and held him up for everyone to see, just like Rafiki held up Simba in the Lion King! But little did the campers know, that the surprise was actually for THEM! When Leslie opened her “gift” it was the four College League captains inside, releasing balloons of their teams’ colors to kick off our College League season! “Knit  one! Pearl oken! Hey everyone, COLLEGE LEAGUE HAS BROKEN!” They shouted! The Captains announced their team names and colors, and every campers’ name was read, and they ran to their team and was welcomed with a hug from their Captain. It was also a huge surprise when the cast lists for our first two drama productions of the summer. Our girls are performing “Cinderella” and “Annie” this summer. Later that night the campers gathered with their bunkmates and painted plaques to represent their bunk. It’ll remain in their cabin for years to come as a way of leaving their legacy on One Great Place. Each Bunk picks a theme, writes and performs a song and reveals their plaque later on in the summer.

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