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What a perfect day at Camp Matoaka! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the campers were playing!

Also, the addition of two new activities both proved to be huge successes! The campers got to try out our brand new PINK lacrosse equipment over at Landsports! And the weather was so phenomenal they held our Yoga classes outside by the lake. Inside, the girls in the Computer Lab wrote and designed acrostic poetry.  Over at the waterfront, many campers got to try out waterski for the first time, we had all the boats running, and over 100 campers got to ski over the course of the day!

The College League 2012 competitions got off to a fabulous start. The girls started playing “Sticks” at flag-raising and flag-lowering, this game is a great bookend to a Matoaka day, and is a nifty way of taking attendance twice a day! Then, after dinner we had our first College League competitions of the summer. Campers were decked out in their team colors and competed in gaga, water polo, Matoaka ball, kickball, and street hockey.  The Porter Pandas had a clean sweep, winning all their events! The girls were having so much fun that they didn’t want to stop when the time was up! It was a fantastic kick-off to the 2012 College League season.

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