Sunshine Through The Rain

Posted June 29, 2013 • Share: Rainy weather can ruin many planned activities! For example, if you had summer plans to visit a beach or amusement park, it can certainly put a damper on things. The phrase “Don’t rain on my parade!” certainly has an element of truth! An unplanned rainy day can often be a downer. Not at Camp Matoaka! We always look at the bright side of things, and see rainy days as an opportunity for MORE FUN! In fact, many of our campers were spotted on Thursday night doing a rain dance! We love the rain! So when we awoke Friday morning to the sound of raindrops on our cabin roofs, there wasn’t a sad face in sight. Every cloud has a silver lining! We had a fun morning jam-packed with indoor activities. Our campers from age 8-13 rotated between Arts and Crafts, Indoor Newcomb, and dodgeball! It was a great time for all! Everyone loved playing games with their bunk mates and counselors (and even Mean Machine!) Not for a minute did anyone wish they were outside waterskiing instead! Our oldest girls had a more relaxed morning with our 14 year olds watching “Pitch Perfect” in the Dance Studio (while singing along of course!) and our Bunk 15 Queens used the time to start working on their preparations for our end-of-summer banquet! (Don’t worry, it’s still over 6 weeks away!) After lunch the whole camp gathered in the Rec Hall for “Dutch Auction with a Twist” this classic game is basically a reverse scavenger hunt. Campers fill pillowcases from their bunks with random items, and then sit by bunk in the Rec Hall. Our Events Director, Molly Pockets, called out the names of different items, and the campers just hope that they have that item with them! Molly was looking for Matoaka clothing, letters from home, beauty products and more! It was thrilling when campers actually had some of the hard-to-find items! The “twist” comes from the points that they won from the first part of the game, and when the “auction” comes into play! The campers bid on mystery prizes with their points. You never know if you’re going to “buy” a good prize, or a joke prize! Bunk 8 won piggy back rides from the Mean Machine, Bunk 14a won pizza, and one bunk even “won” a roll of toilet paper! After such a busy and high-energy day, everyone settled down for dinner. Friday Nights are a special time at Camp Matoaka. We usually gather outside in the grove for our “Friday Night Services” where we all wear white and reflect on our week. This week , we had to alter our tradition slightly, due to the rainy weather we decided not to wear white and relocate to the gym. Bunk 14a led this week’s services speaking on the topic of friendship. Girls spoke from their hearts about what a unique place Matoaka is to form friendships and how the friendships made here will last them a lifetime.

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