Sunday Funday!

Posted July 9, 2012 • Share: We had so much happening yesterday here at Camp Matoaka!

The day started early when a group of Matoaka staff and campers travelled to Oakland to participate in a 5K charity race for the Mid-Maine Homeless Center. Everyone finished the race, and had a fantastic time! Our male staff, the “Mean Machine” served as cheerleaders and shouted from the sidelines to encourage everyone. The organizer of the event even interviewed a few of our girls at the conclusion of the race, and had them lead the crowd in a camp cheer. Our top runner finished in an impressive 24th place!

We also had a variety of brother/sister activities with local boys camps today. Many of our campers have cousins and siblings at nearby camps, so we organize fun events so they can reunite. Camps Cedar, Cobbossee, Manitou, and Caribou all participated. There was a carnival at Cobbossee, and we hosted some boys from Caribou and Cedar here. It was adorable to see sisters showing their older or younger brothers around camp.

Sunday is a HUGE day for College League, and today was especially important. The girls all posed for their official College League team photos, and then participated in the big Apache Relay! This relay race covers the entire camp grounds a few times, and features girls playing basketball, canoeing, mountain biking, swimming, commando crawling, and much more! The entire race takes at least an hour to complete!

After dinner we held our traditional campfire. This week, the theme was “Opposites”. The costumes were fantastic! There were campers dressed as counselors, and counselors dressed as campers! We even had a pair of witches from the Wizard of Oz, the good witch and the wicked witch! There were groups that were fire, and others that were rain! Very creative costumes indeed!

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