Staff Arrivals!

Posted June 8, 2013 • Share: Yesterday was the biggest arrival day for Staff during Orientation. The number of people on camp more than doubled with the arrival of our Mean Machine (male staff), Archery Staff, Ropes Staff, Waterski Staff, Swim Staff, and all Department Heads.  It was very reminiscent of our campers’ arrival day as returners ran down the dirt road screaming to welcome the vans from the airport. Familiar faces welcomed new staff members with big smiles and open arms, and as you can imagine, the dining hall erupted in cheer! Today is a busy day jam-packed with training and certifications for all staff in their respective departments. Our waterfront staff is working hard towards getting their lifeguard certifications as well as boating, archery, ropes and all swim.  The weather is somewhat dreary but it’s not affecting the enthusiasm and energy on camp. Everyone is excited and ready for another summer of Matoaka Magic!  

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