Smooth Sailing Into Second Session

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The Camp Matoaka Smallcrafts department has made a few changes this year. Rather than just simply signing up for “Smallcrafts” campers choose ahead of time whether they want to be in a Sailing, Canoe, Kayak, or Paddleboard class. This has helped the class structure move a lot more fluidly and more time can be spent on focused instruction.


Learning to sail is a challenging process, but very rewarding. Campers need to learn the parts of the boat, sailing terminology, knot tying skills and wind control before even taking a boat out. The eventual goal is to earn the title of “Solo Sailor” which allows campers to sail without counselor assistance. Since the changes in class structure were made, the popularity and success of our sailing program has skyrocketed! We’ve had more Solo Sailors than ever!


The winds of change carried us from Color War into the start of Second Session and it was a smooth transition.  Color War wrapped up on Wednesday morning, our second session campers arrived that afternoon, and began their normal scheduled activities the very next morning. Girls were sailing on the lake and well on their way to become Solo Sailors. Every activity was extremely productive with fish being caught, bullseyes being shot and those learning to trot.

We had campers compete in intercamp Gaga tournaments and a horseback riding competition. College League teams met and prepared for another session of spirited competition. We began signups for our 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, an archery intercamp and other various teams. Our camper/counselor tennis tournament is in full-swing and the cast list for Aladdin was just released! There was no lull and no hesitation, like our Solo Sailors, we’re riding the breeze into Second Session 2014!

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