Singing In The Rain

Posted July 27, 2012 • Share: At camp, things can change quickly. Yesterday started off as one of our normal sunny days, but some rainy weather passed through in the afternoon, requiring some quick changes to our schedule!

The morning was great, the girls went to their usual activities. One camper even caught a foot-long bass off the fishing boat! The Ceramics classes also made some adorable “toad houses”! Meanwhile, we had a team of U10 campers playing softball at Camp Laurel.

Then, the rain clouds moved in during rest hour. So the girls had an extended Rest Hour. Thursday nights are usually dedicated to College League competitions, and since the weather looked like the rain would stick around for a while, we held indoor College League games instead of afternoon schedules. The girls dressed up in their team colors and played Pictionary! The girls in Bunk 15 got to compete in a “Sing Down” instead! They were off-camp the last time the game was played, so they got to make up for it! They ended the “Sing Down” by singing as many vintage College League “Sing” songs that they could remember!

Afterwards, the preparations began for the most thrilling beauty contest America has ever seen! Matoaka’s best and brightest faced off in a battle of who could possibly be the most disgusting! One camper and one counselor from each bunk were uglified with the worst possible costumes, makeup, and hair-dos they could fine! Our photo coordinator, Jason Kauffin, served as the master of ceremonies while the contestants worked the runway in a evening gown, bathing suit, and talent competitions.  Everyone had an amazing time cheering on all of the competitors, laughing WITH them, and certainly not at them.

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