Second Session is in Full Swing

Posted July 22, 2013 • Share: It’s amazing how fast time flies here at Camp Matoaka! It seems like just yesterday that Color War was in full-swing and we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Second Session campers. Now, those campers have been here for four full days! Where has the time gone?! Well, they say time flies when you’re having fun, so that explains a LOT. Since Second Session began, we’ve had AMAZING weather and campers dove right into regularly scheduled activities and are having an incredible time! Everywhere you turn, campers are learning new skills and making new friends. Our new Zip Line has been extremely popular, and it’s the talk of camp! Our Cheerleading Department is about ready to put together a Second Session Cheer Team, and everyone is super excited for that! Our Sewing department has been making adorable cloth bracelets with buttons! It’s the must-have fashion item of the summer! Our Yoga class has been practicing Meditation which the girls have a new found love for! We’ve also began practice for our annual Matoaka Island Swim! And all that is just the tip of the Camp Matoaka iceberg. So much is happening, it’s impossible to report on it all! College League is in full swing, our Second Sessioners were eagerly welcomed on their respective teams, and had a fantastic time in games on Thursday. Then today, we held our annual College League Swim Meet where the four teams competed in over 50 different swim races. They ranged from simple races like the freestyle or the doggie paddle, to the silly races like the clothes race and the tennis ball push, to the intense like the I.M., or Individual Medley. The entire camp gathered within the gates of our Pool area, and it was a flood of team colors with spirit showing. The cheers could be heard all over camp as the girls encouraged their teammates. Tonight we also held our weekly Campfire, and this week’s theme was “Red Carpet”. It’s always the most popular Campfire theme of the summer with our Bunk 15 Queens acting as bodyguards and escorting winners to receive their awards. Campers dressed as their favorite celebrities, or as the actual red carpet itself!
This is just the beginning for Second Session, so much more excitement still lies before us!

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