Red Carpet!

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Matoaka is starstruck! Sunday night we celebrated under the stars, while dressed as stars, at our Red Carpet themed Campfire! Campers dressed as celebrities, paparazzi, and security gathered in our Council Ring for a special night of songs, games, and awards! Each department presented awards to their top campers. Around here, those awards are just as prestigious as an Oscar or a Grammy!

It was a fitting theme, since just the day before, our Video Department took some of their top cinematographers to attend the Maine International Film Festival!

Meanwhile, the campers up at the P.A.C. have been busy getting ready for the big theatrical debut of our next musical “Peanuts!” (or “Soy Nuts” since we’re now a nut-free camp!) which premieres tomorrow night! Everyone’s hard at work, blocking scenes, learning lines, warming up their voices, and painting sets. The show looks to be incredible!

We have a few swimming stars of our own here on camp as preparations go into high-gear for the upcoming 1.5 mile Matoaka Island Swim! Practices are being held at every spare moment for campers and staff in order to get ready for the big day!

Speaking of swimming, we also held our big College League Swim Meet on Sunday. The Sabers, Sharks, Pandas, and Panthers faced off at the pool. It makes perfect sense that the Sharks dominated in this competition as they’re natural swimmers!

Earlier in the day we hosted some special VIP guests! A handful of brothers and cousins from Camp Caribou came to visit our girls. They ate lunch outside together, played some tennis, and enjoyed our waterslides.

The fact that every camper gets to feel like a star when they’re here, is part of what makes Camp Matoaka such a special place!

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