Randy Judkins

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Everyone has seen the classic mime routine where he/she is trapped in an invisible box that they cannot escape from. It is ironic that a professional mime, Randy Judkins, came to Camp Matoaka today to instruct our staff on “thinking OUTSIDE the box”.


Randy Judkins is one of the country's top motivational speakers. He has led a fascinating career teaching at both Juliard and the Ringling Brothers Clown college. An accomplished mime, juggler, actor and educator, Mr. Judkins has a keen outlook on life and great insight on creative problem solving.


He spent the morning leading our staff in several activities that emphasized the importance of play and creative solutions. We played a variety of games that, like Aesop's Fables, seemed silly at first, but all secretly held a valuable lesson at it's core.


What could one possibly learn from a story about an apple juggling contest? Randy taught us to be clear with directions and be creative with solutions. What could one learn from a blindfolded game of tag? Randy taught us to listen to one another.


These games were the perfect introduction to what a Matoaka Summer is all about. Our staff will take these skills and experiences from today’s session and utilize them in making this a memorable summer for all of our Matoaka campers.


It was also the perfect complement to our Staff Training which also was a clever mix of hard work and play. Staff members could be seen going straight from setting up their departments to playing College League games outside. Or maybe they would head into a department meeting wearing a pink tutu because it was Matoaka Monday. It’s all part of the Matoaka experience.


Our staff has been equally busy working and playing recently. We all went bowling last night at Spare Time Recreation in Waterville while dressed in our finest 1980s themed outfits. Staff bowled, danced and sang karaoke and had a fantastic time. Then the next night we gathered at Camp Caribou for a fantastic dinner and more mingling, singing and dancing.


We’ve also been competing fiercely in our staff College League competition. Our teams, the Hashtag Hedgehogs, P???, Springfield Salmon and Winslow Wolves have been playing and cheering and making friends while competing in kickball, Matoaka ball, street hockey and Beach Newcomb. Today, the teams met to practice their cheering and sign up for the Apache Relay and Greek Games events.

Randy Judkins certainly left a great impression on our staff today reminding us that we have a lot of hard work ahead of us this summer, but mostly a lot of FUN. Now there’s only one more week until our campers arrive and the staff is ready and excited for their arrival. Our staff will take all of what they learned during this Staff Training period to make this the best summer yet for our campers.

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