Rain Raid!

Posted July 25, 2013 • Share: The bond of friendship between our Bunk 14 and 15 campers is integral to the Matoaka experience and is deeply rooted in tradition. Most notable is our “Crowning” ceremony where the 15s pass on the Queen title from one year to the next. Every year, we treat our Bunk 15 Queens to a special trip to Freeport, Maine for a day of fun. While the Queens are away, their Fourteen year old friends decorate the Queen cabin and leave gifts as a way to welcome them back from their special day. In return, the Queen campers bring gifts from their trip to the 14s they plan on crowning. This is known as “The Raid”. Well, all this took place this past Tuesday, and it was by far the most memorable day of the summer thus far for the 14s and 15s. The Queens had a fantastic day of dining, shopping, movies and fun in Freeport. Meanwhile, back at camp, the 14s had the whole day to transform the Queen cabin and surrounding area into an underwater paradise. They nicknamed the area “Bi-queen-I Bottom” (after SpongeBob’s home of “Bikini Bottom”). Mother Nature helped out by providing rainy weather that made perfect puddles that helped with the ocean landscape they were going for! When the Queens arrived home, the 14s were lined up by the decorated cabin blowing bubbles and welcoming them home! There were SpongeBob decorations everywhere, a Photo Board decorated with photos of the Queens, a SpongeBob episode playing on a television and even blue crowns for the girls to wear! While the Queens were gone and the 14s were preparing their Raid, the rest of the camp celebrated the rainy weather with a day of fun activities. In the morning they played “Dutch Auction” which is basically a reverse scavenger hunt! The campers filled pillowcases with random items from their cabins in hopes that they’ll have all of the items on the auctioneer’s secret list. That afternoon we held our “Miss Matoaka Ugly” pageant! This “beauty” contest requires a camper and counselor from each bunk to dress as “ugly” as possible, then compete in a bathing suit, talent and evening gown competition. The girls didn’t hold back anything, and used every prop and bit of makeup to transform their friends! Everyone was laughing hysterically during this fun event. After dinner, College League was moved indoors with a “Sing Down” and Pictionary competition.  The “Sing Down” ask campers to come up with as many songs as they can that relate to a particular theme. The campers still dressed as spiritedly as they could in their team colors and cheered on their teammates as they competed in these events.
What a day! It’s amazing how rain can only enhance the camp experience rather than put a damper on things!

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