Practice Makes Perfect!

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Yesterday was a busy day at Camp Matoaka! Being the day before our prestigious Song Festival (aka The Sing) the girls had a long day of rehearsals for that, as well as for the Fashion and Dance show we held later that evening!

 The morning started with an extended clean-up, in order to prepare for packing. We held Sing practice in the afternoon. Each team got the opportunity to practice their songs in the Rec Hall for the first time, emulating what the actual event will be like.

It was also a special day, because the 2011 College League Captains returned home to Matoaka for a visit! All of the campers were thrilled to see the four familiar faces again. The squeals echoed across camp as the girls ran across the soccer field towards camp. Their enthusiasm and love for camp was infectious, and made the day truly memorable.

After dinner, everyone gathered in the PAC for the fantastic Fashion and Dance show. The girls have been preparing for this special night all summer long! The fashion portion was first, and all the girls from the Sewing classes modeled the stylish outfits that they’ve designed and assembled themselves. NYC’s “Fashion Week “has nothing on the Matoaka Fashion Show. These girls were confident models working the runway, and the designs looked as if they were done by seasoned professionals. Great work girls! Some girls even designed multi-piece lines all reflecting a theme. It was incredible!

The Dance portion of the show was fantastic as well. It was clear the girls put many hours of practice into their routines. All dance styles were covered: jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, and lyrical. The inter and junior girls did a fun routine to a mash-up of a few popular hip-hop songs and they entitled it “Pretty Girls Rock!” There was a hauntingly beautiful ballet routine to Taylor Swift’s “Safe And Sound”. Other songs featured were “Mercy”, “Burlesque”, and “Sail”.  Two thirteen year olds did a thrilling jazz number to “Greyhound”. Each dancer dressed in all black, providing a sense of uniformity and coordination between all the numbers. There were even a few cameo performances by Mean Machine and even our Owner/Director Leslie who accompanied Sloan Rosen on an adorable ballet number.

Congratulations to all the girls who participated in the Fashion and Dance show! All your hard work and effort certainly paid off! The show was fantastic and shows that practice DOES in fact make perfect!


Camper Newsflash!

-Congratulations to Jackie Clarke for becoming a Purple Rider in Mtn. Biking!

-Congratulations to Maia Katz for becoming both a “First Mate” and a “Solo Sailor” in one day!

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