Practice Makes Perfect!

Posted August 6, 2013 • Share: Summer camp is a fantastic experience for children to work hard for their goals in order to achieve them.  Many campers will try their hardest at an activity all summer long with the hopes of improving their skills, winning a competition or achieving a goal. We see this across all of our activities, campers come here hoping to learn how to sail, catch the pamper pole, improve their singing, or overcome their fears of performing onstage. Yesterday was a landmark day at Camp Matoaka where many hours of practice culminated in a few fantastic events. It all began at sunrise when 50 campers and staff completed the third annual “Matoaka Island Swim”. This 1.5 mile journey begins on the shores of our private island in East Pond and reaches landfall beside Wilbur’s Rock at Waterski. Everyone had been practicing early mornings for much of the summer, and the event took place this morning with much success. Lake Patrol staff kept an eye on all the swimmers as they followed in canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, ski boats and more. Lifeguards, nurses and other trained staff members encircled the swimmers to ensure their safety was guaranteed. They also offered words of support in the form of songs and cheers to encourage the swimmers along their journey. Every camper finished with hugs and smiles from their bunkmates who were waiting onshore, cheering them along. It was a hugely successful event and a highlight of the summer! After that, the girls held practice sessions for the upcoming College League “Song Festival” which will be held on Wednesday night. Just showing that practice does make perfect, these girls have been working hard on perfecting their songs! College League excitement continued after that when we held our “World Games” meet, which had been rained out the day before.  This event combines all the activities that Matoaka offers into one big competition. Campers sign up to compete in events in the departments that they excel in. There are competitions in nearly every department: swim, landsports, mountain biking, waterski, ropes and even newspaper! It was a close competition with the Hawks placing fourth, the Warriors third, the Cobras second and the Stingrays first! When that was over, the thrill of competition carried on with our annual Dodgeball tournament! It was a fierce battle with many close matches, but the Dark Side 2 led by our own Jason Silberman, won it all! It was fun to see the whole camp gather on the soccer fields to cheer the teams on! After lunch the excitement continued with a thrilling afternoon of regular activities. While we have many special events here at camp like College League and the Island Swim, campers get the same thrills out of their normal scheduled activities. It’s the last week of camp, so campers are more determined than ever to reach their summer goals and cross items off of their progress charts! After dinner the evening activities were varied based on age group. Our 8 and 9 year old campers held a cake decorating contest and had a “sweet” time with that! The 10s and 11s hosted a playdate here with Camp Caribou and they played newcomb, gaga and kickball. The 12s and 13s also hosted the Caribou boys with a social in our Rec Hall. And the 14s and 15s had a social as well, but they travelled to Caribou for that. It was an extremely busy day here at Camp Matoaka, but that just means it was an extremely FUN day! And this upcoming week has much more excitement and surprises to come, so stay tuned!

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