One camper’s thoughts…

Posted June 4, 2012 • Share: Each summer, Camp Matoaka exceeds all my expectations. Unbreakable bonds are formed, new traditions are introduced and countless memories are made. Summer after Summer, I leave camp looking back on one of the most amazing summers of my life with the best memories to show for it. I see a lot of my friends try multiple camps, meet a few friends and like a few actives. But i can honestly say only Camp Matoaka creates strangers that turn into sisters, a scary activity that turns into a hobbie or a counselor from another continent that turns into a best friend. Some of my best friends are three years older than me, two years younger than me, from a different continent or someone who lives in my town that I had just never met before My camp friends that i made at Matoaka are the girls I call when i have a problem, exciting news or i just miss them. I credit that all too the tight-knit, fun-loving culture Matoaka creates each summer. I cannot begin to imagine not going back each summer!

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