Once Upon a Time

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With the sheer amount of energy, and colorful outfits, and cheering here at Matoaka during Orientation you’d think the campers were already here! Yesterday was jam-packed full of activities and events, and everyone was truly enjoying themselves.

After lunch, everyone got decked out in their College League team colors, and we competed in the Greek Games! This meet is a treasured tradition here at Matoaka. The teams battled it out in a series of different events. First, we played “Bash the Captain” where blindfolded team members tried to hit each other with a soft jousting pillow. Everyone sat in a circle, cheering on their team! They also competed in a tug-of-war event, a giant game of leap frog, and a few relay races.

After the Greek Games, some of our staff members got to practice some of their teaching techniques, while the rest of the staff got to participate as campers! We had staff members rallying on the tennis courts, skiing across some wakes, creating artistic masterpieces, and climbing the wall at the Ropes course. The general consensus of everyone on camp was that this was a great learning tool for everyone involved, as well as an opportunity to have fun!

Another treasured Matoaka tradition occurs every Sunday night, when we hold our weekly Campfire! This week’s theme was “Once Upon A Time”. As our costumed staff members ventured down to the Counsel Ring, they were greeted by the Unit Leaders, who were dressed as librarians, cautioning them to be quiet, and to return their books on time. There were some fantastic costumes! It was interesting to see Cinderella, seated next to the three blind mice, not too far from Robin Hood, and Curious George. Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games lurked behind the trees, with bow and arrow in-hand.

Our Campfire Chief, Jason Kauffin, was in rare form leading the ceremony. He led the staff in some favorite camp songs, including “Spider’s Web” and “Make New Friends”, and he also presented awards to the departments that have shown exemplary work thus far. Swimming, Mountain Biking, and Ropes were amongst the winners.

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