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Every day spent at Camp Matoaka is special, but Sundays are particularly special. Every Sunday we have a “lazy day”, but in actuality, there’s nothing “lazy” about it!

We start off the day by having an optional breakfast of fruit, cereal, and donuts in the Dining Hall. Then, we have an extra-long General Rec period in which the campers can visit whichever activity they want. Then after lunch we had our first College League Sunday event of the summer! The teams gathered by the flagpole, and competed in the Scavenger Hunt. There were campers running all over camp trying to collect items that they needed. Some were actual items, like a Maine State Quarter, while others were trivia questions, like “Name three actors who’ve played James Bond.”

Then Sunday night we always enjoy the same meal for dinner. Everyone sits outside and feasts on chicken patty sandwiches and fire-roasted hot dogs! We enjoyed Matoaka’s famous Whoopie Pies for dessert.

After dinner is our traditional Campfire. The camp is named after Pocahontas, as “Matoaka” was her nickname. So we honor that special connection by having our first Campfire of each year themed after “Native Americans”. Everyone got dressed up based upon the theme, and each department handed out awards to campers who performed especially well in their activities this week.

Our male staff, the “Mean Machine” got completely immersed in their cowboy characters, and had a lot of fun squirting everyone with water guns! During the campfire itself, there are a handful of traditions that we celebrated. The campfire began when the spirits were “awakened” with a large puff of smoke emanating from the fire. The newest Mean Machine members were initiated by getting whipped cream pies tossed in their face by the campers. Also, the oldest girls, the Queens, all signed a wooden plaque which was ceremoniously burned in the campfire as a way of leaving a piece of themselves at camp forever.

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