New for 2013!

Posted May 1, 2013 • Share: Isn’t it just the best feeling when you get a new toy?  It’s shiny, sparkly, unscathed.  You want to look at it, stare at it, admire it!  You almost don’t want to use it.  But, we like to get dirty at Camp Matoaka.  We like to use the toys.  And, while we take care of our new things, we would rather them be “old friends.”  We prefer them to be weathered, utilized, and loved!  This is how we feel about our new toys!  We love getting them and we admire their beauty, but we yearn to make good use out of them.  We prefer that old, comfy pair of slippers that get worn. This summer, we’ll be “loving” lots of new toys at camp.
  • A new Hobe Bravo (sailboat) for Small Crafts;
  • 8 new stand-up paddle boards;
  • A fleet of new bikes for Mountain Biking
  • New goals for the soccer field
  • The Ropes Course has a new 350-foot zipline and an exciting new element called the Whale Watch
  • Ceramics has a new kiln and 3 new kick-wheels
  • Cheerleading and Newspaper are 2 new activities
  • A pavilion was erected by Archery
  • We resurfaced the lower Tennis Courts and are redesigning the gazebos and seating areas
  • Expansions to Bunks B2, B3 and B6
So, as we start the Summer of 2013, we’d admire the new toys but, only for a moment!  We will use them, enjoy them and love them!

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