New Beginnings!

Posted June 24, 2013 • Share: Well, it’s the start of a NEW summer. Hundreds of old and NEW campers have settled in at One Great Place for another amazing summer of Matoaka Magic. It’s a NEW beginning for everyone! A rainy morning transformed into a beautiful summer day, and campers flooded off the buses right past the NEW tennis pavilion and down the willow-lined bunkline to their NEW homes. The Queens quickly donned their NEW Queen clothing and their NEW crowns. The shrieking could be heard all across East Pond as everyone was extremely excited to see each other again. The NEW group of adorable Bunk 8 campers walked around proudly in their NEW “Bunk 8 is Great!” t-shirts as they faced a NEW adventure with NEW friends and memories. Summer 2013 has begun! Once everyone was settled in their bunks, we gathered around the flagpole for flag lowering. This is an important daily tradition at Matoaka, and it was beautiful to watch four brand-new Bunk 8 campers lower our Nation’s flag with the assistance of two of our oldest campers from Bunk 15. It was an inspiring moment to slow down and watch these young 8 year olds start their Matoaka experience just as these 15 year olds are beginning their final Matoaka summer. “With every new beginning, comes some other beginning’s end.” We all entered the Dining Hall (fully decorated in pink and purple balloons and streamers!) where campers sat with their new bunkmates and feasted on chicken tenders and tater tots, with special Whoopie Pies with purple filling! Exhilarated by the fact that our Matoaka family was reunited, the campers cheered for 30 minutes straight after dinner! Every cheer and song in the Matoaka repertoire were showcased, such as “Stomp and Grind”, “There is a Daisy on My Toe”, and “The P is for Party!” Veteran campers helped their new friends learn the words to each song. Later that evening, everyone gathered in the Performing Arts Center (the PAC) for our first Counselor Show of the year! Counselors performed skits with their departments to help introduce themselves to the campers.  The energy was at an all-time high despite the fact that many of our girls spent the day traveling! They were so happy to be there! At the end of the night, everyone paraded down our willow lined bunkline to their cozy pink cabins for their first night at One Great Place! Let the summer begin!    

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