Music With A Message

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Music is an important part of most people’s lives. This is especially true at summer camp. Our campers sing songs at every meal time, every campfire and every Friday Night Services. Music can be heard coming from the bunkline during daily clean-up. Music can help stir the most vivid memories in peoples minds.


The last few days at Camp Matoaka have proven just how powerful music can be. On Monday night our senior campers enjoyed a Social with the boys from Camp Caribou. They danced to the latest music and happily sang along.


Tuesday night was our Junior Play, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. Our youngest campers performed the classic Disney complete with it’s trademark songs “Whistle While You Work”, “Heigh Ho”, and more! There were a few cameo appearances by Matoaka staff in the show, our Mean Machine, Jack, portrayed the silliest of the dwarves, Dopey!


While our Juniors enjoyed the play, our 13s and 14s traveled to Camp Caribou for a special presentation entitled “Music With a Message”. According to their website, this group “captivates audiences of all ages delivering powerful messages through soulful renditions of classic songs and innovative, original compositions that emphasize issues such as gun violence, asthma (“Asthma Can’t Win”), homelessness (“We Need You”), and more lighthearted songs like “Pull Your Pants Up”.  Ranging in ages from 6-21, this twenty-five member group is currently hard at work, preparing for their annual Summer Tour, where they are scheduled to perform 50-60 shows between June and early September.” Our girls returned to camp singing and smiling! It was a hugely successful event.


That night, our Queen campers piled into the camp vans, singing along to the radio and enjoyed dinner at Applebees followed by dessert at Smithfield Ice Cream to celebrate their “Bunk Night Out!”


Yesterday was our annual all-camp trip to Funtown Splashtown in Saco, Maine. Music could be heard from all corners of the park, whether it was playing over the loudspeakers or it was the familiar calliope music of the carousel, campers had a fantastic time enjoying the park. It was a particularly memorable moment when the Swing Ride was filled with Matoaka campers singing camp songs as they soared through the air.


Many years in the future, it’s guaranteed that hearing certain songs will trigger some of the happiest memories in the minds of our Matoaka alumnae.

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