Mean Machine!

Posted July 29, 2012 • Share: Being at an all girl’s camp, Matoaka’s male counselors, or Mean Machine as we call them, are an integral part of our staff. The campers look up to these young men as brotherly figures, and it’s a special dynamic. So when Second Session begins to wind down, and the Mean Machine host their own Friday Night Services, it’s particularly emotional for everyone.  Often relied upon for their physical size and strength, seeing the guys display a bit of emotion and vulnerability is truly special. Last night we gathered in the Council Ring to reflect on this special relationship. The day began normally, and everyone was busy! We had normal schedules, but found time for  Matoaka Island swim practice, camper/counselor tennis matches, dodgeball tournament games, and College League Meetings. We also had two inter-camp competitions at other camps. Our horseback riders travelled to Mataponi for a Horse Show and our U10 and U12 tennis players travelled to Laurel for a tournament. Both events were HUGELY successful, read the Parent’s Corner on our Bunk1 page for the results! The Mean Machine-led Friday Night Services were thoughtful and insightful. The guys spoke kindly on how One Great Place has changed them for the better. Each guy spoke from the heart, and it was touching. We heard stories of these men who travelled across the world, yet united as a team, to change the lives of 300+ Matoaka campers. Dave Wilbur recited a Dr Seuss poem, with an added Matoaka twist. Chad Olson sang his favorite song, Garth Brooks’ “The River”. Owner and Director, Jason Silberman welcomed back his old pal, Paul Hopson, to join him on the song they co-wrote seven years ago, “Just Another Day At Camp Matoaka”. This song holds a special place in the hearts of all Matoaka campers. After the Services, everyone gathered with their bunk-mates to roast marshmallows over campfires, and make s’mores. Then everyone reconvened in the Council Ring for a good old-fashioned sing-along with the Mean Machine.  There’s no denying that Matoaka Magic was everywhere.

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