Matoaka Strong!

Posted June 10, 2013 • Share: The Matoaka family is a special community of people. Staff members travel from all over the world to be united and share the unique experience of a Matoaka summer. Yesterday was a beautiful day where friendships were created and strengthened amongst the Matoaka staff. Our archery, ropes and waterfront staffs continued their certification process. They learned new skills to promote safety at camp while learning about each other and how to work together. Meanwhile, our Department Heads and Unit Leaders took a special trip off-camp to do their own bonding. The day started off with a fantastic lunch at Linconville’s “Lobster Trap” restaurant where many people tried the Maine delicacy for the very first time. After lunch the group trekked up Mount Battie in nearby Camden. This popular Maine hiking trail was very rocky and muddy requiring everyone to rely on each other and develop trust. However everyone was smiling and laughing and getting to know each other during the hike. By the time they reached the top, everyone had a sense of accomplishment and unity as they took advantage of the scenic coastal view. Whether they were on camp or off, every staff member gained a new appreciation for their own strength yesterday, learning that hard work and struggle can yield fantastic rewards. We are MATOAKA STRONG. DSCN2397  

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